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Retro, crisp pixel art in HTML 5 games

One thing that I've been doing in my games for Ludum Dare has been drawing the graphics with a pixel art style. What I'd do was to draw the graphic in a very small size, and then scale it up to 4 times its size to have those big fat… Read more

A Yeoman generator for HTML 5 slideshows

TL;DR: I released an scaffold for HTML 5 slides. Go grab it here. Lately I'm doing all my talks in HTML 5, instead of relying on software like Keynote. Why? Well, a lot of them are about front-end and it's just easier to embed examples on it. And publishing… Read more

Komik – a webcomic theme for Ghost

I had been musing the idea of drawing again some comic strips. So I set up The Webangelist, and as a by-product here's a new theme for Ghost. Komik is a webcomic theme for the Ghost blogging platform. It is minimalistic, and features strip/pages navigation (including first and last)… Read more

Building a static multi-language site with Metalsmith (part II)

This is the second part of the Building a static multi-language site with Metalsmith series. If you are already familiar with Metalsmith or need more context, please read part I. You can also fetch the source code from the Github repository. Creating content with multiple languages Now we will start… Read more

Building a static multi-language site with Metalsmith (part I)

These holidays I decided to start compiling my cooking recipes online, since some of my friends ask for them and I've grown tired of creating gists for them. And then, the dilemma: should I upload the recipes in English or in Spanish? I couldn't decide since some of my non-Spaniard… Read more