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Discovering PICO-8

While playing and rating some Ludum Dare games for the last jam, I've found out several cute games that were playable online but were made for this platform called PICO-8. I got curious and found the website. PICO-8 is that they call a "fantasy console". It feels like an emulator… Read more

Ludum Dare #33 post-mortem

Another Ludum Dare under my belt! Ludum Dare is one of the most popular game jams, in which you have to create a game from scratch, on your own, in just 48 hours. This is the post-mortem of the game I created, a platformer called Tales of the Underworld: Rebellion… Read more

Breathe – A theme for ghost based on ZenHabits'

I needed a clean, simple theme for an experiment and decided to port the ZenHabits' theme (which is released under the public domain) to the Ghost blogging platform. The main differences between the original theme and this version are: Just one font. The original uses two different serif fonts (one… Read more

Update of generator-gamejam

I created a while ago a generator for Yeoman that could scaffold a HTML 5 game project. Perfect for game jams! After the last Ludum Dare I decided to update it a bit and make some fixes and improvements: Live reload works again. Now you can embed your game in… Read more

Ludum Dare #32 post-mortem

This last weekend was a Ludum Dare weekend! I had a blast in the previous edition and of course decided to participate again. The goal: create a game from scratch in 48 hours. Solo. That means that code, graphics, audio, etc. must be created at competition's time (i.e. no… Read more