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Talk at MediterráneaJS 2015 – Game development with JS and Phaser

At the beginning of the summer, I spoke at MediterráneaJS, a brand new JavaScript conference in Barcelona. My talk was an introduction to game development with Phaser, my favourite JS game library. Finally the video with the recording has been released! You can also take a look at the slides… Read more

A few things we can do to improve diversity

Disclaimer: I'm not an expert on diversity. These are just my thoughts based on my previous experience and on what other women have shared with me. It happened again. Yet another tech event with a 100% white men line-up of speakers. And of course in the discussion afterwards other events'… Read more

3D collision detection for HTML 5 games

The next batch of content we've made about game development in the MDN is out! Say hi to 3D collision detection techniques. There is one generic article focusing on axis-aligned bounding boxes and spheres intersection algorithms, which is a very simple yet very used technique. Its strongest point is that… Read more

Tilemaps in HTML 5 games

One of the things I'm working on at my new role at Mozilla is to create content related to HTML 5 game development in the MDN. We are several people doing this, and my first contribution has been helping to write articles and demos about tilemaps. Tilemaps (or tiles) are… Read more

I've joined Mozilla

I'm starting a new adventure, this time both changing companies and doing something a bit different. TL;DR: I've joined Mozilla as a devrel, aka web evangelist. As you can guess, I'm very happy to work for a company that breathes open source and cares for privacy and users' rights.… Read more