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Ludum Dare #32 post-mortem

This last weekend was a Ludum Dare weekend! I had a blast in the previous edition and of course decided to participate again. The goal: create a game from scratch in 48 hours. Solo. That means that code, graphics, audio, etc. must be created at competition's time (i.e. no… Read more

The dangers of nesting abuse in CSS compilers

CSS compilers like Sass or Less have made writing stylesheets so much easier. However, one of their main features –nesting– can cause us trouble if we abuse it. Nesting allows us to group child selectors under the same "block" of rules. For instance: a { text-decoration: none; } a:hover { text-decoration: underline… Read more

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HTML5 skeleton for your game jams

This is a by-product of my last Ludum Dare. I decided to take out the initial project skeleton I created for the jam so I could re-use it in future events. I released it in the form of a Yeoman generator: meet generator-gamejam. What it provides? An starter "Hello World… Read more

Ludum Dare #31 post-mortem

This last weekend I joined Ludum Dare along countless of fellow developers. This game jam is about making a game solo in 48 hours, creating code and art by yourself in that short span of time. Here's My Little Metal Joint, a club simulator. You can play it here. If… Read more

How I organise my CSS code

Today a friend and I talked about how to organise CSS code, specially on big projects. Here's my way. The goal I try to achieve is to be able to locate the rule I'm interested in as soon as possible. Splitting into partials Nowadays I always use a CSS pre-procesor… Read more