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It’s been more than a year since my last blog post, but despite the pandemic, I started to feel an itch for writing articles again.

I took the opportunity to do a migration from Metalsmith –the library I used to generate this static site– to Eleventy. The main reason is that Eleventy is more user-friendly when it comes to generate static web sites, whereas Metalsmith is more generic and it got to a point where maintenance (plugins becoming deprecated or obsolete, mainly) was a burden.

I surely want to write a tutorial about how to set up a website out of Markdown files with Eleventy, and maybe do some live streaming over Twitch about this, too. Which leads to… What I have been doing all this time?

I’m living in Barcelona and the COVID-19 pandemic has hit hard here. During the first months there was a severe lockdown here where we weren’t allowed to go out at all –not even for a solo walk. And to be honest, I stopped doing side projects because I felt I needed to disconnect from the computer after a full day of work.

However, once we were allowed to have short walks outside and get some sunshine, my mood and energy improved and I started to tinker again:

Title screen for Minerva and the Factory

I’ve also done non-tech related things, which was definitely needed:

It’s good to be back here, I’ll see you around.