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I've been working at Mozilla for almost six years, and today is my last day. We finished the last project I was working on, and I felt it was a good time to have a break and then go do something different. Six years is a lot of time in tech, so I wanted to write this to reflect about my work there.

I joined Mozilla as a developer advocate. My role involved a lot of divulgation and outreach around Web standards. Beyond the usual CSS, JS and HTML, I focused on those standards and APIs related to video games and virtual reality. Many articles for Mozilla Hacks, the MDN or even here at my blog; talks at conferences or meetups (including View Source in Berlin) and even a multi-day workshop on game development… And then, after almost three years, I left this advocacy role to switch teams and join the Firefox Developer Tools team as a developer.

I've had the chance to contribute to multiple Developer Tools, such as implementing support for Web Components in the Inspector, completely re-vamp the about:debugging (aka "remote debugging") tool, code a brand new tool from scratch (the Application panel) and lastly, migrate the Storage panel to the new Fission architecture.

I'm grateful to have had some great teammates and to have met some interesting people as well. But it's time to move forward now.

I still don't know what my next adventure is. I'm planning to take some time off (I had to cancel my summer vacation, so I'm definitely intending to have it now), tinker with new tech, maybe join a game jam, learn new cooking recipes and get some clarity on how I would want my next position to look like.

I know two things for sure: 100% remote work is a must, and I'd also like to keep doing work as an individual contributor (i.e. not a manager). Other than that, I haven't decided the kind of company, product or tech stack I would like to work with. Although I will not be actively looking for a new position for a while if you'd like to get in touch in the meantime, feel free to write me an e-mail.