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I'm starting a new adventure, this time both changing companies and doing something a bit different.

TL;DR: I've joined Mozilla as a devrel, aka web evangelist.

As you can guess, I'm very happy to work for a company that breathes open source and cares for privacy and users' rights.

What I will be doing now?

No, I'm not starting my very own HTML cult, although it sounds tempting.

This is what I'll do:

For the time being my focus will be on… HTML 5 game development! I'm really excited about that, since I truly believe that the web will play a key role in the games industry.

How is working at Mozilla?

So far, quite different from other companies I have been, due to the special nature of Mozilla. Here everything is open to everyone, and that includes external people as well. For instance, the notes of the weekly meetings of my team are published in a wiki.

Another thing that has changed is that I'm now a remote worker, since I will keep living in Barcelona. And since most of my team is based on the US, hours are a bit weird too. Right now I'm finding that starting to work at 10 am would allow me some time for meetings in the evening. I'm a morning person, though, so I don't want to switch to start working in the afternoon.

On my second week I flew to London for my on-boarding (did I mention that Sole is my teammate? Hell yes!). Of course I already knew the office from many meetups in London, but it was a strange feeling to be actually working there.

Altogether, I've felt very welcome and I'm grateful for that :)

PS: I will be able to talk more often about what I'm working on, so you can expect a higher post frequency.