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TL;DR: I released an scaffold for HTML 5 slides. Go grab it here.

Lately I'm doing all my talks in HTML 5, instead of relying on software like Keynote. Why? Well, a lot of them are about front-end and it's just easier to embed examples on it. And publishing them on the web is much more easier and I don't have to rely on sites like Slideshare.

I've been using Bespoke.js to make the slides. Unfortunately it's so modular that its setup can be a bit tricky/tiresome, and I was relying on their official Yeoman generator to scaffold an initial template.

Problem? I didn't like this template:

Meet generator-simple-bespoke

I released my template as a Yeoman generator: generator-simple-bespoke. It features:

To use it, install Yeoman and this generator, then create a new directory for your project, and run Yeoman:

npm -g install yo generator-simple-bespoke

mkdir my-talk
cd my-talk

yo simple-bespoke

Yeoman is an scaffolding tool and I use it to generate my templates. Why using this tool instead of providing a zip file with a blank project? Because it allows me to provide different templates depending on what you want to use.