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Disclaimer: I'm not an expert on diversity. These are just my thoughts based on my previous experience and on what other women have shared with me.

It happened again. Yet another tech event with a 100% white men line-up of speakers. And of course in the discussion afterwards other events' organisers complaining about the lack of women submitting talk proposals.

Sadly this is frequent. The other flavour of this issue is "I want to hire women but I'm not getting any CV's!". If you are employing dozens of developers and only one or two of them are women, you are doing something wrong.

It's just bizarre. The most diverse place I've worked at was a tiny London start-up, Inensu. We were doing social games and gamified apps, mostly related to music and fashion. The CEO was a woman, most of the people there were not caucasian and around 50% were immigrants.

Isn't it odd that a small start-up can achieve such diversity whereas some people find it impossible to have a few women giving some talks?

So why women are not submitting talk proposals for your conference? Or sending their CV for your job position?

About actual selection processes, I see two problems here:

What can you do to make your conference or your team more diverse?

I'm probably missing some other good points, but those were just the ones from the top of my head. I hope that helps!